The safety of clients’ funds is always the most important part of Pine FX. 
Pine FX promises to ensure your funds safety at all times and be your trusted online trading broker.


As a regulated broker, Pine FX operates with rules and business ethics. We meet strict financial standards and regularly report to our regulatory authority as required.

Segregation of Funds

As a retail client, your funds are held in segregated accounts, separate from our own funds.


Pine FX cooperates with many banks around the world to diversify its deposit and withdrawal methods.

//Pine FX considers the safety and security of your funds as our priority//


Pine FX uses a secure socket layer network security agreement provides communication service security for data communication between the company and clients, protects clients, and ensures the privacy of all client information when they conduct trades through the company. 

1. User identity and server authentication strategy to ensure that data is sent to the correct client and server

2. Encrypt during data transmission to prevent data from being stolen and unauthorized use by third parties

3. Maintain the integrity of the data and ensure that the data is not changed during transmission

Local Service

Set up localized service centers in or around the world to actively participate in global exhibitions and lectures, 
Provide face-to-face service to clients, so that clients can stay in touch for the first time and 24 hours a day.

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