Trade Oil and Natural Gas with Pine FX.

Oil (Spot)

Crude oil: For most consumers, oil is regarded as an energy source and a source of power for daily life. More and more investors have a new understanding of crude oil. As an investment asset, crude oil is not only fuel but also an asset. It is of great significance to hedge against further dollar weakness. 

Pine FX provides energy products for clients, including Brent crude oil (UKOUSD) and Texas crude oil (USOUSD). A standard lot is 1,000 barrels, and the minimum trading lot is 0.01 lots (10 barrels).

Pine FX provides extremely competitive spreads (STP spread: 3.5 ECN spread: 1.5), and trading leverage is 100:1

The value of 1 point of crude oil is 10USD, and the margin is: price * 1000 barrels * lots / leverage.

Natural Gas (Spot)

Natural gas can be used to meet the investment transaction needs of individual clients for commodity assets. client can realize the purpose of diversified asset allocation through natural gas transactions through accounts. Like crude oil, the price fluctuations of natural gas products depend on many factors, including demand, supply, and overall confidence in the global economy. 

Pine FX provides customers with natural gas products (XNGUSD). A standard lot is 10,000 million British thermal units (mmBtu), and the minimum trading lot is 0.01 lot (100 mmBtu).

Pine FX provides highly competitive natural gas spreads (STP average spread: 53 / VIP average spread: 45 / ECN average spread: 36), and the trading leverage is 1:100.
The point value of 1 point of natural gas is: 10USD 
The natural gas margin is: price*10,000 million British thermal units*number of lots/leverage.